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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Some excellent features of Telegram!

Some excellent features of Telegram!

Telegram is an alternative chat application that you can use besides Whatsapp. This application has a function that exactly matches whatsapp. But for now, Telegram doesn't support video calls. Apart from functioning as a chat application, users of this application get many useful features provided.

Some cool features on Telegram

1. Can create groups with large quota.
There are various groups created in the telegram and have many members. This feature is very useful for communities that have many members.

2. Send large files.
I have found several channels with file sharing reaching hundreds of MB to 1 GB in size. Apparently, telegram can be used to send files of a fairly large size like that.

3. Can be opened on a computer using a client application that has been provided/opened via a web browser.
This feature is very useful, so telegram users do not have to open applications only via a smartphone. But it can also open telegram via the client application for PC or the Web.

I often open telegram through computers for various purposes such as sending files from a PC to other contacts, for example for the purposes of working on a project or just sharing files.

4. Secret chat which will make chats automatically deleted after some time.
I rarely use this feature, but it works for those of you who don't like to save chat history. With this feature, your chat will be automatically deleted when the time is up.

5. Backup files and documents.
In addition to sending files, telegram is a place to backup files, documents or multimedia files. We as telegram users can use the Save Message feature to save whatever you want to save.

6. There are many bots that can help users for various purposes.
You must be careful in choosing a bot. Some bots on the telegram sometimes don't work properly. For that, please look for a bot reference that really works well on the telegram.

One of the bots that I use is an email bot, so when there is an incoming email, they will notify me via telegram.

7. There are lots of funny stickers, even you can make it yourself.
Telegram has many channels that provide funny stickers that you can use when chatting with friends or in groups. With stickers, make your chat more exciting and fun.

8. Channel.
The channel is different from the group. If you visit one of the channels made by people on the telegram, you can only join to follow the updates on the channel. This is very useful for someone who has a blog / website about news, technology or something else and has many readers. You can use channels to notify readers when there are content updates.

9. Archive Chat and groups.
For those of you who want to clean the telegram display from various kinds of chat but do not want to delete the chat from someone because it is still considered important, you can archive the chat so that it disappears in the chat list. In addition, you can open a chat that is archived at any time if needed.

10. Pin Chat and group.
For those of you who have important chat or important groups. You can prioritize the group or chat with a pin and place it on the first list list so you are not confused when you want to find a chat or group. The maximum number of chat / group pins is 5.

11. Add Telegram contacts without having to add a phone number.
We can add someone's contact to the telegram contact even if the user we added hides his phone number.

12. Smooth sticker animation.
Now we can enjoy animated stickers like on Line Messenger on Telegram. With this animated sticker, chattingan becomes more fun
13. Now telegram supports video calls!
One of the features I hoped for in Telegram has been realized by the developer. now we can contact friends who use telegram with regular calls or videocall. Telegram users can make video calls using the mobile application or via the telegram application for a laptop / desktop PC.