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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

4 Sites Providing Free Wallpapers And Photos For Your Computer Desktop!

4 Sites Providing Free Wallpapers And Photos For Your Computer Desktop!
Image by Pixabay
Wallpaper is one of the factors that makes the appearance of your PC desktop look good. There are many wallpapers that are often used by people like motorbikes, cars, anime, natural beauty and more.

For those of you who want to find free wallpapers without royalties or attribution, please visit some of the sites that I wrote below!

1. Pixabay
Pixabay is one of the sites providing images, wallpapers, photos, textures that you can use for free. The images uploaded on this site are very diverse. You can also upload a collection of photos that you have to this site!.

The images uploaded on pixabay have a No attribution required license, so you can use them without having permission from the owner. But, if you want to include the source of the photo, it will get better. Please read about term of use of Pixabay on the Pixabay License page.

2. Pexels
Besides pixabay, you can also visit Pexels to find a cool photo. Pexels has a collection of photos that you are free to use, even for commercial purposes and can also be used without an attribution.

Lots of amazing photos that you can see in the gallery at Pexels. In addition, you can also donate a few dollars to those who have contributed to uploading their photos and can be used free of charge via paypal.

3. Flickr
One of the photo storage sites that can also be shared with all people or Flickr members. Lots of good photos uploaded by photographers on this site.

On Flickr, we can find various free photos with different licenses. So, to find a photo that you can use for free, you can search for content filters that have been provided on the Flickr search page. Or maybe, you can contact the photographer directly to ask permission to use the photos they have.

Just like Pixabay and Pexels, this site also provides free images. You can search for wallpapers on the special menu provided by Unsplash. So, you will get a wallpaper size that fits with a desktop computer.

The sites above are some of the sites I visit to search for free wallpapers or images that can be used to illustrate the article that I posted on this blog. May be useful.