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Saturday, January 19, 2019

What Is Special About A Linux-based Operating System?

What is special about a Linux-based operating system?
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When I go to the Linux forum to read various kinds of topics posted by users, there is one question that is quite interesting so that I posted on this blog.

The question is according to the title I wrote. That is about the reason that users consider the Linux operating system is special.

The question was immediately flooded with various other user comments. It turns out that each individual has his own motivations and reasons for this.

Some reasons users feel that linux-based operating systems are special!

1. Can get money?

The comment raises questions in my mind. how do they get money from this linux-based operating system. Apparently, they use it for various purposes of their work. An example is for flashing a cellphone. Yes, this is indeed true, in my country there are still many people who open their cellphone flashing services that might be an error or hang (especially Android).

2. Open source

Very mainstream reasons, but need to be appreciated. Because I also use the Linux operating system because it is an Open source program.

3. Secure

One user thinks so because the company where he works uses Linux. And I agree, Linux has a good security system, even to install an application, we need authentication before the system executes commands.

4. Savings

Using Linux on all systems in a company is one solution to save expenses.

5. Is an OS that can be used for everyday

This also makes sense, because it is one alternative to the paid OS. So, we can use an operating system legally.

6. Reducing piracy

One reason the user wrote is very reasonable, because in my country, pirated OSes can still be found anywhere. So as one of the people's struggles to reduce a paid operating system piracy is to use open source OS.

7. Has a growing community support

Yes, I admit that there are more groups discussing Linux, and almost every day new people will join to learn about this operating system. In essence, from our community we can also get a lot of knowledge from someone who is more experienced, or it can also be a means for sharing for others who are still learning to use this Linux-based operating system.

What is Fosslicous opinion about Linux?

For myself, I feel more independent when using a Linux-based OS, (for example Ubuntu). And I feel, I'm the king, of the OS I'm using. May be useful.