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Thursday, January 3, 2019

3 Linux distributions for security

3 Linux distributions for security
Image by Pixabay
Many Linux distributions are released and are specific to certain fields, one of which is security. Security is one of the important factors when we are connected on the internet, to maintain a privacy and important data from cyber attacks or crimes.

For this reason, there may be a need for network security tests to find a gap that can then be closed / patched. that's where some development makes a linux distro for security and network security testing.

There are several Linux distributions that are related to security. Please note the point below!

1. Kali Linux

The distribution that was developed and is a continuation of Backtrack (already discontinued). In this distribution there are many tools that are ready for you to use to test on a network.

I've even seen this distribution used by Elliot who became a hacker on the series Mr. Robot, hahahah.

This distribution is intended for users who understand Linux, and know about the intricacies of the network. So if you still don't understand security issues, please first study the basics of this.

To install it, there are several choices. You can install it on a flash drive or directly on the hard disk like installing an operating system in general.

However, for those of you who are really unfamiliar with linux-based operating systems, installing kali-linux is a complicated thing.

2. Parrot OS

Has the same functions and uses as other network security distributions. Parrot is a debian based distro like Kali Linux. Designed for the purposes of penetrations testing, forensics and security, and is easy to use.

This Distro has a simple and attractive appearance. I recommend this distribution for those of you who want to start learning about network security.

3. Tails

If the two distributions above are used for penetrating lines, it's different with Tails. This distribution is specifically designed for those of you who really maintain privacy when surfing the internet.

Tails is one of the debian based distributions that allows users to be anonymous. So, making users who really maintain their identity, feel safe when they are connected to the network.

Besides the three distributions that I wrote, you can search for other distributions related to security through the distrowatch site. More than 20 distributions with the security category are in the Distrowatch search list.