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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Is there a Task Manager on Linux (Ubuntu)?

Task manager is one of the default applications that we usually encounter on a Windows operating system. The function of this application is to monitor all applications, services that run when the computer is operated.

In accordance with the title that I wrote, Do we also find applications such as the task manager on Linux?

The answer is Yes, but the name is a System Monitor(on Ubuntu). The function of the system monitor is the same as the task manager in Windows. Some functions of the System Monitor:

1. Users can change the priority of applications that are running.
2. Look at applications that are running, and can kill applications that are not responding or crash but still running.
3. To see a graph of computer performance from the use of RAM, CPU, and network speed.
4. See the status of the File System.

To open this application, please select the Application -> System -> System Monitor. The image below is a monitor system display from Ubuntu.
ubuntu task manager

But, when I switch to using XFCE, there is a Task Manager application that comes installed. This default xubuntu-desktop task manager has a very simple display.

Task manager on Xubuntu
Whatever you choose, everything has the same function. May be useful.