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Monday, January 14, 2019

How To Install Neofetch on Ubuntu 18.04?

Neofetch is an application that serves to display information from your computer system. Actually, without this application, we can also see system information through the terminal by typing "lshw".

However, for some people who like to decorate their Linux desktop display, they often use neofetch on the terminal, because using the application, making the terminal look more attractive.

For myself, installing Neofetch is not really required. However, if you like the appearance of the terminal with this app decoration. Please follow the steps below to install it!

Please add the PPA below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dawidd0811/neofetch

After that, install neofecth by typing the command below:
sudo apt update && sudo apt install neofetch
To run this application, please type "neofecth" in the terminal. and you can see the results as shown below!
How To Install Neofetch on Ubuntu 18.04?

How do I run Neofetch automatically when opening a terminal?

The method is quite easy, please go to the home/your_username directory. After that you look for the .bashrc file (hidden file). To see hidden files, please type the Ctrl+H. Open the .bashrc file, and add the neofetch command as shown below.

Neofetch autorun

Save and close, if successful, you will see a neofetch display when you run the terminal. May be useful.

NeoFetch Autorun on Ubuntu