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Friday, November 23, 2018

How To Display Line Number On Vim?

How To Display Numbers On Lines In Vim

In the standard Vim display, the user will be given a navigation at the bottom. I have explained some navigation views when you use vim on this article "..."

In the default settings, Vim will also show the location of the rows and the corresponding characters on the cursor. However, I as a user who often use vim, feel less comfortable with the navigation display a line like that.

Therefore, we can make a setting to bring up a number on each line in vim. The method is very easy as in the following steps!

  • Please open the File Manager and go to the Home directory. 
  • Create a new file named .vimrc. 
  • To display .vimrc which is included in the hidden file, please press the Ctrl+H combination on the keyboard.
  • Open the .vimrc file and type command set number. after that, please save.
  • Please open vim to check if there are figures on each line in the application.
Vim with line number

You can also watch the video below!

May be useful.