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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

How To Remove Plank Shadow On Xubuntu?

Plank is a simple dock application that is widely used by Linux users. We can make desktop appearance more attractive using dock applications like Plank.

One of the advantages of Plank is that its settings are easy and do not take a lot of performance from the system. So, this application is a very light dock. In the previous post, I have discussed about Plank in the article "How To Easy Install And Configure Plank On Ubuntu 18.04".

When I install plank on Xubuntu, there is something annoying on the desktop display. That is a transparent line above the plank as shown below:

Plank with transparent line

Apparently, to get rid of the line is very easy. You can go to Settings Manager --> Window Manager Tweaks. In the Compositor menu, please uncheck "Show shadows under dock windows".

Remove plank shadow

And now you can see the results on the desktop display. A straight line above the dock is gone.

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