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Monday, September 3, 2018

Why do I use Linux Distributions And Say Goodbye To Windows?

Story of Linux Users
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I am familiar with the Linux-based operating system since I had a laptop in 2010. In the past, the Linux OS that I installed was ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx dual boot with Windows 7 using the Wubi installer.

My first impression of Linux was not as easy as Windows, especially when I learned the command to do something in the terminal. And I consider that a feature of Linux, which has a characteristic in the use of the terminal.

Terminal is an application that has an important role, one of which is to install applications on Linux. Usually, installing Linux-based applications will be faster in text mode with a command, but for users who don't really understand using the terminal, they can also use the software center feature to install it on GUI mode without writing a command.

Users of open source operating systems are not much like Windows or Mac Users. But compared to 2010, the number of Linux users today is certainly increasing. Linux-based operating system which is often known as the Linux distribution does have a variety of functions and goals that are expected when making it. So, you can adjust the OS that will be used which is in accordance with user needs.

I have been using Linux completely since 2017, at that time, my HDD was damaged, so I had to buy a new one. And this new HDD I installed Ubuntu directly. To be honest, first, I used dual boot with Windows for lectures and games. And maybe the Windows that I installed at that time was more often used for gaming purposes.

In the past, I considered the Linux-based operating system to be a stepdaughter of game developers, because PC games that were released were more often available on Windows OS and Mac OS. There are also things that can be played on Linux, but the numbers are very minimal. But now, it seems like some developers have also thought about producing the game to be available on Linux, one of which is Valve which released steam for Linux.

Gamers who use Linux usually also use applications such as Wine or PlayOnLinux to run Windows games on Linux, but sometimes, games running on both applications experience errors and interruptions. Okay, thats it a bit of story about the experience of using Linux distributions for everyday purposes.

Some things that make me interested and use Linux distributions and Say Goodbye to Windows:

Why do I use Linux distributions?
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1. Feel free and independent using Linux Distributions

As with the title I wrote, I feel the freedom to use the operating system since I know Linux. Why is that? Because most distributions available are open source and can be used for free. We are also free to edit the display, applications used and others as desired. In fact, some distributions are also made for Commercial purposes.

When I started using Linux, I diligently browsing and looking for other alternative applications to be able to replace applications that I often use in Windows. And apparently, there are many free and open source alternatives for Linux users to use.

2. Using Linux and Open Source saves costs

We should thank the Linux developers and applications that provide it for free. Try to observe how much it costs when you use a paid operating system. For those who have a lot of money, this is not too much of a problem, but for people who have minimal resources, using open source is the right alternative.

3. Avoiding pirated software

I don't really know how the case of software piracy in developed countries, whether it often happens or not. However, if I observe in my own country, sometimes there are some people who install pirated software just to learn how to use the software, or maybe it is used for work (but not in the company area). I have also written this point in the post "Why did I choose open source".

This may be due to the price of the software which is quite high. But that does not apply to users who use free and open source software. Using legal software makes us avoid the problem of software piracy.

4. Feel safe

Linux distributions are rarely affected by viruses like windows. I rarely find Linux users in the community who complain they are exposed to viruses when using Linux. One thing that makes me feel safer when using Linux is the Superuser access feature.

All activities related to the File System or make a change of settings, will be asked to root and authenticate which usually includes a password. Does it look troublesome? I don't think so, because with this feature, we will feel safer. Even though, there is no system that is truly safe!

5. Many distro variants that we can choose

Please look at the distrowatch site, how many Linux distributions are released and popular. I often feel confused in determining the choice of Linux distributions that are suitable for me. And currently is still loyal to using Ubuntu, although I also began to be interested in Arch Linux.

6. Interested in CLI and terminal

Terminal is an application that can be used for various things like installing software, deleting, creating files, etc. Using a terminal means we have to understand the written command. Some Linux distributions have little difference in writing commands in the terminal. I began to be interested in Linux when I saw people in the community who were studying commands on Linux to do something. In my opinion, typing a command makes me become like a king who is ordering the system to do what I want.

7. Display that can be changed as desired

Linux is not currently like when it only uses command line interface (CLI) mode. Currently, various Linux distributions that are used already support a Desktop Environment and Window Manager display. In fact, you can also create themes and views according to the design that you want. There are so many designers who upload their work to the theme provider site for the Linux desktop environment as in xfce-look.org, and you can apply their work to Linux desktop.

Using Linux distributions that are open source and free(freedom) is one of the ways to get independence in using the operating system !.