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Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Reason People Don't Want To Use Linux

The Reason People Don't Want To Use Linux
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Linux-based operating systems for desktops also have quite a large number of enthusiasts, although there aren't many, such as Windows and Mac users. According to data from Statcounter, currently the winner of global market share in the desktop is Windows, and second place is OS X. What about Linux?

Linux is in fourth place with a small percentage, which is 1.7%. Many people are still reluctant to try using Linux. The following points are the reason people don't want to use a Linux-based operating system on the desktop!

1. Lack of support from popular software, such as applications on windows

Undeniably, popular software support that can be used for Linux desktop OS is very minimal compared to other operating systems such as Windows or Mac. Even so, there are actually many alternative software that are also developed for Linux. But, people are more familiar with popular software that they use than alternative software with the same uses.

2. The number of games that support Linux-based desktop OS is still small

Some Windows users are gamers. Many games can be installed and run on Windows OS, but not with Linux. If you try to use a Linux distribution and you are a gamer, you must be prepared for this situation.

In my opinion, this is not because the Linux Desktop OS is worse than others, but, because many game developers do not support their games to Linux-based operating systems on the desktop. If the game developers also support the games they release to the Linux platform, maybe, many gamers want to try Linux-based OS.

This is the right of the developers of the game whether to release a version for Linux or not.

3. Not familiar with Linux

Many users are more accustomed to using Windows or Mac OS, this is due to various factors. Actually, all operating systems will be easy to use if the user who uses them feels familiar.

Everything starts from habit, so if you are not familiar with Linux, you will find this OS more difficult than others, however, maybe if you also get used to using this OS than others, you feel this OS is also easy to use.

4. Confused because there are so many Linux distribution options offered and don't know which distributions are suitable for use

Sometimes, this makes people lazy to use Linux. The number of available distributions makes people confused about choosing the most suitable one.

Actually, choosing a Linux distribution that is suitable for you is easy, I've written it in an article about How To Choose The Best Linux Distribution For You? . Linux distributions that release have an advantage and their own goals . And to be able to choose it, you can adjust it to your own needs.

For example, Ubuntu is intended for everyday and office purposes, or Kali Linux is more focused on network penetration needs.

5. Sometimes, if there is an error, to fix it is quite difficult

Problems that occur on Linux are often discussed in forums. Some have found a solution, some haven't found a solution, and finally chose to reinstall the Linux distro used.

Actually, not just Linux distributions. This applies also to other operating systems such as Windows and Mac, it's just that the developers and their communities are large, making problems such as errors and others can be minimized.

6. Looks complicated

Linux distro is related to the use of terminals, which is an application to write several commands to do various things, for example to install a software.

For people who don't know Linux, using a terminal is one of the things that looks complicated, moreover, you have to know the commands written. It's true, but for now, various Linux distributions have also developed ways to install applications without having to use a terminal, like using the Software Center Application on Ubuntu.

Using the Operating System is the right of the user, I have never forced you to use Linux or something else. But I invite you who are still using pirated operating systems, to move to the Legal operating system. If you don't have enough money, using an open source Linux-based operating system is one solution.