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Saturday, September 22, 2018

5 Open Source Game Engine!

5 Open Source Game Engine!
Image by Pixabay
The gaming market is currently growing rapidly. And the most is on the Mobile platform since Android is used by smartphone manufacturers. Making a game is fun if you can enjoy the process of making it. But sometimes, there are many obstacles that occur when developing a game, especially if you are an Indie Developer who only has a few partners in developing games. This is a challenge in every game creation.

Nowadays, a lot of software is made specifically to make games, this software is better known as Game Engine. Game Engine used by developers is very diverse. Some are free, but some are paid. The article below is about some free and open source game engines that you can use.

Godot is a very powerful open source(MIT license) game engine that is widely used by game developers. Godot supports the GUI display which can be exported to many platforms, one of which is Android.

So for you mobile game developers, who are looking for an open source Game Engine for the game project that is being worked on, you can choose Godot.

System requirements to run Godot 3.0.6
- Hardware that supports OpenGL ES 3.0
- For the Mono version, you can use the Mono SDK version 5.12.0. According to information from the official website of Godot, for other versions, it can't work).

This game engine is for people who want to make their own games without the need for good programming skills. We know that to make a game, it requires programming skills to program the system and logic of the game. With Gdevelop we will not be bothered with various syntax programs that are too complicated when building a game.

This game engine can be used for various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. On the official website, we can try running it using a browser. For those of you who have simple, interesting ideas for creating games, maybe you can try Gdevelop.

This software is great for making games. Bad lands, Zenonia 5, and Contra Evolutions are examples of games developed using Cocos2D-x. But this game engine is not suitable for those of you who are beginners in developing games. To use this software, the developer does need good programming skills.

Many game development uses this engine. This is evidenced by the number of released games made using Cocos2d-x. You can see some games made using this software on the official website.

Visual Novel also has many enthusiasts. In modern times like now, readers may prefer an interactive reading or story. If you are a novel author, maybe you can create interactive novels using this software.

In the tutorial there are also various instructions for creating highly interactive novels. And in the tutorial, I've seen a mini game that can be inserted.

5. Love2d
Is one of the frameworks for making games easily using Lua. Love2D can be installed on various operating systems. and the syntax is also easy to understand. This software is suitable for making a 2D mini game.

There are several samples of game projects created with Love2D. You can visit the official website to see the game project created.