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Sunday, September 16, 2018

How To Add A User on Ubuntu Linux?

In a Linux-based operating system that is often called Linux distributions, we can create multiple users for various purposes. So, each user has their own identity when using the same computer.

How to create a new user on Ubuntu Linux!

1. Open the terminal.
2. Type the command sudo adduser user_name (in the picture below, I gave an example to create a user with the name fossisfun ).
3. Enter the password of the new user created.
4. Enter user information (Full name, Room Number, work phone, Home Phone, Other). Press ENTER if you want to be empty.
5. Press y on the Y/n dialog, and ENTER.
How to create a new user on Linux!
Congratulations, you have created a new user on Linux. Please logout to replace the newly created user. For those of you who want to delete users on Linux, please follow the steps below!

How to delete a user on Ubuntu Linux!

1. Open the terminal and type the command sudo deluser user_name (user_name is the user to be deleted).
2. Enter the authentication password and wait for the process to be done!

How to delete a user on Linux!

If you use Xubuntu, you can add and delete users through Users and Groups. And using this application is easier because there is no need to write a command to add or delete users. To run the Users and Groups, please go to the Settings manager and in the System section, please search for Users and Groups.

Users and Groups Xubuntu

The benefit of creating a user on Linux is to set the user privileges. This is very necessary when you are a network admin on a server that uses Linux. May be useful.