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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Trying various Linux distributions on!

On Linux, there are many developers who develop various distributions for various purposes, for example for education, research, programming, etc. If you visit a Distrowatch site, you will see a variety of new distributions that have been released in a while, and the distributions that exist now, may reach hundreds.

Choosing the best Linux distribution is according to your needs, but if you are curious about the various distributions, you can try it without having to install it by visiting the Distrotest site.

On this site, we can try various Linux distributions that are provided directly using the computer browser. In fact, I have tried to open via the Android browser.

To try it, you can choose one of the distribution lists provided, and on the description page of the distribution there will be a System start button to run the emulator, and wait a moment until the Open VNC-Viewer menu comes out, and you will be faced with a new window that displays booting from selected Linux distro.

One of the things I feel when trying to load one of the distributions on this site is slow when trying it on a computer with minimal specifications. But, at least, we can try to see the latest distributions before choosing one. And this site will be useful for those of you who are confused about choosing a distribution that feels right for you.

Image via Pixabay