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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Notification Area Becomes Dark Blue on Ubuntu Because of Dunst!

I want to tell a problem when using ubuntu with the XFCE Environment Desktop. At that time I wanted to replace xfce by installing a window manager that became a favorite of many people, i3wm.

I3wm has a simple and lightweight appearance. But, I do not recommend this window manager for those of you who are new to using Linux distributions, because in my opinion, in the settings, it will confuse new Linux users.

I tried i3wm until I installed several packages as needed. I also less attention to the package installed because it only copied the commands written in the tutorial on people's blogs.

And apparently, the display of i3wm makes me confused in running various shortcuts to perform various activities on the computer. I feel less suitable using this window manager, and finally I uninstall it. And problems are found, after I delete all packages from i3wm.

When I press the shortcut to adjust Brightness and Volume, the notification area that comes out is not from what I have selected in the Notifications settings in xfce, but it becomes rectangular with white text and dark blue background as shown below:

Remove dunst notifications

I am looking for a solution to change the display of the notification, so that it returns to the original settings, but doesn't find a solution. Because, at that time I didn't know the application that was installed, so it made the notification area become like in the picture.

Finally I feel confused and write the absurd keyword on the search engine "xubuntu notification area is be blue". And apparently, there are users who have the same problem. In the ubuntu forum here, He asked about a broken notification, which made the notification come out blue.

He got the problem after installing i3mw. It turned out that the cause was Dunst, which was a notification-daemon that was installed when using i3wm. To remove Dunst Notifier, you can type the following command:

sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove dunst

Notifications on Ubuntu

Notification Area on Ubuntu is back to normal when I log out and log in again. I just smiled when I found a solution to this problem, which turned out is a trivial matter.