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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

5 Linux Distributions Made In Indonesia!

5 Linux Distributions Made In Indonesia!
Image by Pixabay
Indonesia is one of the countries with Linux Operating System users that are currently increasing. Many forums are created to discuss various problems found by users when using a Linux distribution. Indonesia has several developers of Linux-based operating systems that are used for various purposes. The posts below are some Linux distributions developed in Indonesia!

Blankon is a local Linux distribution that has quite a lot of users. This distribution was developed by the Blankon team and until now has been updated. A distro that was originally a Fedora derivative, but switched to Ubuntu.

This distribution is not a remastering result. BlankOn has its own repository for independent updates, and packages provided by developers. You can visit the official BlankOn website to get more detailed information.

It has a philosophy of "Enjoying a concoction", and is an Indonesian-made distro developed by DOSCOM(Dinus Open Source Community) and friends. This distribution is made for programming in education. Even so, for those of you who are not programmers can also try this distro!.

Tea Linux has its own package with the .tea extension, just like debian uses the .deb extension. And the package can be installed via the Tea Package Manager. The graphical display uses XFCE, so, it might not take up too much memory when used on old school computers.

3. Kuliax

This distribution was developed for the purposes of lecture and campus environments. Kuliax may take from the word "Kuliah" which means Lecture.

One of the Linux distributions that has been developed since 2006. This operating system is made for users in Indonesia for everyday purposes while using a computer and the default language used is Bahasa. IGOS Nusantara is one of the legal and free OS alternatives.

5. Garuda OS

In the past, this OS was pretty much talked about in Indonesia. And when it was released, many users tried it, including me. The features presented are already equipped with many packages and software to support all activities when using a computer.

But this OS suddenly disappeared and there was no news. In fact, the appearance and features offered are complete to meet user needs.