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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Think About This Before Using Linux!

Think About This Before Using Linux!

This year, enthusiasts from various linux distros in my country are increasing, some people tried linux out of curiosity, and others are used to study and work. I often encounter many users who complain about a problem they found when they decided to use one of the linux distros.

And many of them, decided to re-use Operating system like windows or other, which is more compatible. For that I want to write down some important points that you should consider and think when deciding to install and use linux for your computer:

1. You must be ready with various problems that exist in linux

There are so many problems that you will find when using Linux. For that, if you decide to use linux, you must be ready also to find solutions from the problem. Lots of forums that discuss about various problems in Linux, so you don't have to worry.

But, sometimes, not all linux problems can be solved quickly, and in this case, you can ask the forum, or maybe the Linux community around your residence, when already feeling confused. If not resolved as well, maybe it's time to reinstall your linux distro.

2. Not lazy to learn

In this point still related with point 1. Using linux means you have to learn about the Linux world. Don't think linux is easy like windows that has a lot of application support more abundant and more use GUI mode when doing activity using computer.

The fact is like that, but that doesn't mean linux minimal support. Linux also has a lot of application support that is actually enough to meet the needs when doing activities using a computer. And for now, various linux distros are also developed to further optimize the use of GUI mode.

3. Learn basic linux commands

Linux is related to the command, so it is highly recommended for Linux users to understand the commands in the terminal. At the beginning of learning may seem complicated. But, once you understand the basic linux commands, it will make it easier for you to use Linux.

4. Choosing Linux Distro as needed

Linux offers a variety of distros that will make you confused to choose which one is best. Do not be stuck with the "best" word because the distro that many released the developers have their respective advantages. So, choose a distro as needed.

The case that I often see is when the new linux user tries the linux distro for the advanced level with the basic knowledge of linux is minimal. The result, they are confused what to do with the linux distro.

5. Prepare a good internet connection

One of the important things when you use linux is an internet connection with good speed. With a fast internet connection, updating packages is faster. In addition, internet is also useful for surfing on linux forums to discuss or ask about things related to Linux.

Before installing Linux, you better find out about division of partitions, and other related linux so as not to get too confused when entering the linux world.

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