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Monday, May 7, 2018

How To Use IRC On Ubuntu Terminal?

The development of technology is very fast, including in internet and computer. In the past, in communicating via chat, many through chat application with text mode only. 

At present, IRC is still widely used for purposes on a variety of topics. An example is the topic of a particular operating system or application. Inside ubuntu, there are also IRC applications in GUI mode like Pidgin, Xchat and others. 

So, how to use it is easy. However, for those of you who prefer to use Full text mode, you can run it in the terminal using an application called IRSSI.
How to install IRSSI on Ubuntu?
Open the ubuntu terminal, and type the following commands:

sudo apt-get install irssi
For users other than ubuntu, can follow the steps to install it here!

How to use IRSSI? This is a simple command to use IRSSI!

- Run terminal and type irssi, then press enter, you will see the irssi interface like this image below:

How To Use IRC On Ubuntu Terminal?

Next, you can see the description of the command in irssi by typing /help, and will display some list of commands you can use in irssi. To see from the description of each command, you can type /help (command name), for example, /help connect, it will look like this:

irssi help connect
/help connect command on irssi

You can connect to available irc server. In this case, for example using a connection to the server Please following this command to connect to the server:

 And the result is like this:

connect irc server freenode

/nick yournick : to make your nickname on chat
/join #channelname : To Join on some channel
/leave : Command to leave the channel
/quit : Out of channel server, and applications

To see other commands you can see the /help that I have described earlier. May be useful.