Monday, May 14, 2018

Cool Sites That Discuss About Linux, Ubuntu, and Foss!

Cool Sites That Discuss About Linux, Ubuntu, and Foss!
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OMG Ubuntu

Web that often updates news about Ubuntu. In addition, this site also often discuss about how to articles and various developments of Ubuntu. OMG Ubuntu is a very consistent site in presenting news that is still related to everything that is still related to ubuntu, and became one of the sources of information about Ubuntu.


Highly recommended for newly started using Linux. In this site, there are various tutorials that will help you in using linux distro like ubuntu or others. Articles posted by this site provide information, which is light and easy to understand for reader. So for those of you who are still newbie with linux, Noobslab can be one source of your knowledge!
Ubuntu Handbook

I often go to this site while looking for a tutorial on how to install an app. Articles written by the author of the Ubuntu Handbook are always to the point on the issues being discussed. So, the discussion is also easy to understand.

Tech Drive-in

Presents posts about Various Linux distros, reviews, and apps. One of the categories that I like is on the Distro Wars label!

Web up8

Web up8 is a site that talks about linux, and information about PPA (Personal Package), Desktop Environment, as well as tutorials about the application. The featured category is about Desktop Environment, although I see this site is rarely updated, but the information provided is still often used to search for information about the Desktop Environment.

Linux Scoop

If you prefer tutorials or information about linux and open source that use video media, please go to this site, because much of the content in the post is a video.

It's Foss

This blog discusses, about foss and linux, many tips and tricks are posted in each article, one of the blogs that I often visit when looking for tutorial install applications.

Ask Ubuntu

It is a Q & A forum, which discusses specifically issues and solutions related to Ubuntu. Many complicated issues are solved with the knowledge and discussion of forum users.

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