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Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Ways To Install Apps In Linux And Ubuntu!

5 Ways To Install Apps In Ubuntu!
Ubuntu Illustrated via pixabay

Linux has many variants of distro and has its own advantages, one of which is Ubuntu, which is easy to operate by new Linux users. In the windows operating system, to install an app, we just need to open it and execute the file from that application until it's done. This is different when you will install an app in ubuntu. these are some ways of installing an app in Ubuntu:

1. apt-get install Command

The general command that can be used to install the application in ubuntu, but before installing an application. We need to check the application need to check the application, which will be installed,whether it is available on the repository. If not, you must add the repository manually.

In this case, a repository address is usually provided by the application developer, if it has support for install on linux. Or usually we will get an application download link, for example in .deb format or tar.gz or tar.bz2.

In ubuntu, to install apps online directly on terminal, we can use this command:

sudo apt-get install (application name)
Normally, a yes / no dialog will appear to approve the package to be installed. to approve it, type "y". And wait for the installation process is complete. To remove an application, we can type the following command:
sudo apt-get remove (application name)

2. Install using Software Center

Ubuntu provides an application called Software Center for users who are not too familiar with linux commands, can install applications easily. In the software center has been provided various applications that you can install by click menu "install" on an application, then, there will be a dialog asking to enter a password. Please input your password. The goal, for the authentication of applications to be installed in ubuntu.

3. Install the .deb file

Some apps that we get, sometimes appear with .deb format. To install a .deb format is easy. there are 2 ways to install this file, first use the software center by right clicking the application that want to install, and select "open with software center".

the second is use a terminal, by typing the following command:
sudo dpkg -i application name.deb
In the "name.deb" can be filled with the application name that will be installed. For example I want to install vscode.deb. So I just typed "sudo dpkg -i vscode.deb" in the terminal. If you want an easier way to install the .deb application, you can install the gdebi package installer in ubuntu.

Remember! installing the .deb application must be located in the directory/location of the application!. The default directory of ubuntu is at home. If you want to install the application directly without having to move the directory, please move the .deb file into the home directory.

4. Instal tar.gz / tar.bz2 file

For this way, you must pay attention to the contents of the file. There can be directly executed after the extract, there is also a need to configure. In this case, you should read the README in the file. the common way to install tar.gz file is by typing this command in terminal:

- Extract the file (right click, extract here) or type the following command, if you are using CLI mode:

tar xzvf filename.tar.gz
- Please move the directory into the extracted folder with the command "cd folder name". Then type this command:
If there are no errors, you can go to the next step by typing the command:
sudo make install
5. Install the .sh file

Sometimes, there are also files with the .sh format, usually, inside the package, there is an install.sh file that contains the installation commands. And to access this file, can type command below at terminal:
sh filename.sh
Every application has an install package already provided on the package, usually in the readme file, so before you install an app, take a look and see what is written.